The Definitive Guide to OBS Studio

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Thanks for your interest in the OBS Studio Definitive Guide! I’ve packed this course FULL of great content to help take you from a complete OBS N00B to someone who can lead a full-time live stream or recording career, without having any major OBS issues ever again!

Course Contents

This course will contain:

  • 10 Chapters divided based on experience level and learning objectives
  • 126 total videos
  • Full stream and recording setups for most purposes
  • Optimization guides for YouTube, Twitch, and vertical streaming
  • Optimization guides for AMD, Nvidia, and Intel GPUs
  • BONUS Reference PDF guides, “Streamer’s Checklist” and more
  • Webcam LUT pack
  • Webcam Mask Frames pack
  • FREE stream layout graphics package
  • 20 albums of royalty-free stream-safe music
  • Regular updates with new OBS releases

NOTE: This course is primarily based around Windows users, as most of the surrounding tools, plugins, hardware, etc. primarily works with Windows. Future guides may be published regarding Linux and/or Mac.

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The Definitive Guide to OBS Studio

34 ratings
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